Eye trauma, update on eye injuries at ARVO, Dr. David Hardt

Dr. David Hardt  attending ARVO 2017 at Baltimore Convention Center.

Special Session this morning on Eye Trauma. I'm impressed by the US Military's efforts in both treating and learning more about injuries. A surgeon and retired colonel reviewed some of the improvements in evacuation, first aid techniques, treatment in the field, and so on. But then he went on to talk about how little many things have changed. The eye injuries we are dealing with now were all described in papers published during World War I. We still don't have a way to restore vision when the retina or optic nerve is severely damaged. In the colonel's words, "A simple peg leg gets you walking again -- but for a working replacement of a lost eye, we've made no progress for 50,000 years."

Dr. David Hardt at ARVO 2017, latest on treating eye injuries

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