New imaging technologies for diabetes and glaucoma

attending ARVO Imaging in the Eye Conference at Baltimore Convention Center.

Spent the whole day being amazed at new technology and techniques for seeing the tissues in the eye. Who could have imagined, a few years ago, that we'd have to ability to see details like this in living tissue? Clear images of individual photoreceptor cells moving with light stimulation. Detailed, 3-D images of the entire blood vessel network from inner retina back to the sclera. Our ability to see what is happening at the microscopic level in the eye just keeps getting better every year. It also appears that we are getting very close to a quantum leap in software capability, allowing us to get a lot more benefit from the data we are able to gather.

Dr. David Hardt, Optometrist.  New imaging technology for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

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